How You can Benefit from the PGV
The Benefits...

To benefit from the PGV-scheme you may decorate your tack room with a poster of the Gold Team of Beijing, but we offer also several other opportunities for those who want to engage themselves in the breathtaking sport of Eventing.

There can be no doubt that the scheme brought about huge benefits to the success records of German Eventers: the fantastic results of the Olympic Games of Athens and Beijing with Frank Ostholt as a member of the team, Dirk Schrade currently winning a CIC*** every weekend. Luhmühlen hosting an annual Four-Star event is doubtless a further result of the pronounced Eventing engagement of the German FN. Directly after Beijing there could even be detected a heightened interest in crosscountry schooling in the local riding clubs.

The Problems and ...

A broad interest is what would be badly needed to promote our sport- not only to gain sponsorships, but also to persuade land owners to tolerate a cross country course, find volunteers and last but not least, tempt well-off parents to back up their offspring into Eventing instead of Showjumping or Dressage. In Germany we are not as lucky as BE to have dozens of Lords and Ladys traditionally addicted to eventing who own beautiful estates and crowd to host three-day events which develop into social highlights, and many a traditional event has died due to problems with neighbouring farmers or the local Green Party members. But those promising beginnings have been shot down effectively: In general public by the horse-doping hysteria created by the mass media, and among horse people by the extreme sensitivity to fatal accidents in Cross Country fueled up by the equestrian press, urging the German FN to constantly broach the safety issue.   

the Needs of German Eventing

We believe that what we need to counteract that image of Eventers as “horse abusing doping criminals with suicide intentions” are not only Olympic heroes, but identification figures: the nice girl (or boy) from next door, who realizes her dreams of horsemanship and successful Eventing by talent and hard work. That is just what the three PGV-members are: Sandra, Ben and Julia have won their medals on unspectacular horses which they had trained themselves and are backed up mainly by their families (not more than average income). We try our best to make their stories known, both the strains and the rewards. Thus whether you would like to be part of the campaign or just enjoy eventing, we offer several possibilities to engage yourself:


Schooling of Eventing Horses. With the excellent facilities in Warendorf and under constant supervision of the national coaches, the PGV members have outstanding possibilities to forward a promising young horse. It goes without saying that they are constantly on the look-out for “real Three- and Four-Star horses”, so if you happen to own one of them…

Work experience as a groom/professional rider. None of the three can afford payed help, but especially during the green season they lead an interesting life and visit the most thrilling events. Thus if you have experience with horses, are ready to get up early and not afraid to become wet and muddy, maybe even think of becoming a professional rider, don’t hesitate to apply!

Horse Partnership: Even if you do not own an Eventing horse and can’t work as a groom, you can be part of the game. As you can read in the horse portrays, many of the horses are owned by the riders or their families. That means a lot of expenses, thus if you could donate a certain monthly amount, you are welcome to “adopt” part of a horse. You will be provided with reports, pictures and videos, be asked to events as “active spectator” and be invited as special guest if there happens to be something to celebrate!

Sponsorship: The PGV members will be happy to promote your company, brand or product. Any agreement comprising cash and/or allocation of equipment is possible. There is still a lot of blank space on the lorries and equipment!